St. Patrick Parish Council 14481 was founded on April 5, 2008 through the efforts of the Pastor Very Rev. Rudolph T. Juarez, First Grand Knight Stanley Sedore, Financial Secretary Richard Craig, Knights of Columbus Agent Gary Sieren and the Knights who joined in 2008.  It is attached to St. Patrick Church, Iowa City, Iowa.  The Name of Council is located in the Narthex of church.

As a member of the St. Patrick Parish Council 14481, you will enjoy participation in church activities, family activities, youth activities, community service and council activities. You will enjoy fellowship with your member knights and support of our pastor.   Business meetings are held twice a month.   All Knights are invited to attend the Executive Board Meeting.   The Monthly Business Meeting is the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the St. Anne's Room. A Rosary at 6:30pm in the Day Chapel precedes that meeting. 

The council holds a variety of activities during the year such as the Monthly KCans4Life, Annual Persons with Intellectually Disabilities (PID)Tootsie Roll Drive, Parish Easter Egg Hunt, Youth Basketball FreeThrow Contest, Pancake Breakfasts, Luncheons, Couple Dances, Golf Outings, Christmas Card Fundraiser, and other Raffle Game fundraisers.  In addition, we support parishioners in need of personal services such as house and yard maintenance.

Here is the list of officers for the current fraternal year: 2019-2020 Officers Council 14481

Grand Knight, Agnew, Leo

Deputy Grand Knight, Martini , Nick

Financial Secretary, Hyde, Patrick

Chancellor, Aschenbrenner, Eric

Recorder, Hoffman, Chad

Treasurer, Miller, Scott

Advocate, Young, Doug

Warden, Schwager, Tim

Inside Guard, Garvin, Terry

Outside Guard, Wisor, Bob

One Year Trustee, Salm, Dan

Two Year Trustee, Ruxton, Pat

Three Year Trustee, Panther, Ed