The Liturgy Commission promotes and enhances the liturgical life of our parish. It provides programs of liturgical education, planning, and evaluation. The Commission plans, prepares, implements, evaluates and educates on all aspects of the liturgy so that the diverse community can more fully and actively worship in accordance with our diocesan policies and directives. We seek to enrich our parish's experience of our faith, through spiritual and physical enhancements to the church environment, focusing on church decor during special liturgical celebrations throughout the year.

Liturgy Commission meets at 6:00 pm on the 1st Wednesday of each month (August-May) to provide on-going support of the ministries involved in liturgy, including training and scheduling. The Commission also provides feedback, coordinates activities, programs and all special liturgies while enhancing the liturgical life of the parish.



Contact Information

Position Commission Chair
Name Tom Brandt
Phone 319-631-0092