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First Sacraments Sign-Up and Parent Meeting Attention Parents of 2nd Graders
Please make sure to sign up your child for First Communion classes on the kiosk.
The MANDATORY parent meeting will be held Sunday, August 24th after 10:00 am Mass in the Social Hall.
Registration forms, schedules, and contact information can be found on the church website here. The first class will be held Sunday, September 14th at 10:00 am.
Joy of the Gospel The weekly excerpt from Pope Francis' Exhortation: I am eternally grateful to all who work for the Church today. I know that we have failed to live up to our ideals, but our contribution to society remains very strong. We help people live and die in peace. We help them escape their poverty and enslavement. We devote ourselves to education and outreach. In fact, the selflessness of pastoral ministries inspires me to give more fully of myself. All of us are affected by the culture around us, and I want to name some ways in which pastoral workers may be tempted. There is a temptation to see pastoral work as "just another job" and to prize personal freedom and relaxation too much. There's also a temptation to reduce faith to a few religious exercises but keep it disconnected from the world. This leads to individualism, a loss of identity as ministers of Christ. The culture around us is often cynical about our beliefs and this can make us feel inferior or foolish in front of our contemporaries. This can lead to a real loss of enthusiasm. We are all called to bring salt and light to the world. We must not let the demand for immediate results overtake us. We must learn to wait for the Lord. In God's time, not ours.
Welcome to Saint Patrick Church Welcome to St. Patrick Catholic Church of Iowa City. As many of you know, our beloved church was destroyed by a tornado on Holy Thursday evening, 2006. Our congregation's tremendous faith and efforts have led us to a new beginning. On November 29, 2009 Bishop Martin Amos dedicated our new church building at 4330 St. Patrick Drive. Please join our active parish community for a friendly and welcoming Saturday afternoon (4:30pm) or Sunday (7:30am, 10am, 12pm-Spanish) Mass. To join us, travel east from Scott Boulevard on Lower West Branch Road.