2014 Stewardship TAILGATE Ministry Fair

Join us in the Social Hall after Mass the weekend of Sept. 27-28!

Support Team St. Patrick with YOUR Time, Talent and Treasures.

GET INVOLVED! Visit commission ministries, activities, outreach efforts and programs and learn more about them.

Tailgate Specials include Hot Dogs, Chips, Drinks, Donuts, Big Pretzels, Bean Bag Toss, Football Toss and More!

Complete your Stewardship form for a chance to WIN prizes!


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BABY BOTTLE Fundraiser Respect Life Ministry members will pass out plastic Baby Bottles THIS weekend. Parish members are asked to fill the bottles with money -- currency, coins, or checks -- and return the filled bottles on Sept. 27th. All proceeds go to Johnson County Right To Life efforts. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
Joy of the Gospel The weekly excerpt from Pope Francis' Exhortation: We must be careful to not wander into "religious worldliness" that could lead to distrust anyone who asks questions. We do not need to point out the mistakes of others. This leads to division among us. If we are at odds with each other, how can this help with the joy of the Gospel? Instead, we want the world to admire how much we love each other. We must avoid all jealousy and enmity between us. We must follow the law of love, asking the Lord to guide and empower us. Lay people are the vast majority of the people of God and Lay people must be invited and welcomed into the ministries within the Church. Lay people in church ministry must also take their work, gifts and time into the society around them and not just within the parish. I have said this before: We must "die to ourselves" in order to be ministers to others.
Welcome to Saint Patrick Church Welcome to St. Patrick Catholic Church of Iowa City. As many of you know, our beloved church was destroyed by a tornado on Holy Thursday evening, 2006. Our congregation's tremendous faith and efforts have led us to a new beginning. On November 29, 2009 Bishop Martin Amos dedicated our new church building at 4330 St. Patrick Drive. Please join our active parish community for a friendly and welcoming Saturday afternoon (4:30pm) or Sunday (7:30am, 10am, 12pm-Spanish) Mass. To join us, travel east from Scott Boulevard on Lower West Branch Road.